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iPad 3 Vs. iPad 4. What's Changed Exactly?


Last night must have been a bit of a blur for Apple fans the world over. Not only did Tim Cook and co. take to the stage to unveil the long-mooted iPad Mini, but the company revealed new upgrades to the iMac (calling it “the most beautiful iMac we have ever made”), Mac Mini and lifted the curtains on a 13-inch ‘Retina’ MacBook Pro. But there was yet one more announcement, and that was for the iPad 4.

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Apple WWDC: Tim Cook Reveals Next-Gen Macbook, iOS6, Siri For iPad

It might have been lacking any solid information on when we can expect the iPhone 5 or indeed the much-discussed Apple iTV, but if anything the announcements made by Apple at its Worldwide Developers Conference keynote last night more than made up for their notable absence. Tim Cook teased the tech world watching at the opening of the annual presentation that the company had some “real cool stuff” to show, and in that sense the offering did not disappoint.

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Gizmodo Films Co-Workers Gushing Over The 'New iPad' (It's Really An iPad 2)

Though revisions and re-launches of older hardware models is nothing new, at the current pace companies are getting through iterations, there is a definite feeling creeping in of feeling burnt-out by incremental updates to hardware/software or a combination of the two. Apple's new iPad will quite deservedly draw many people in with its super-crisp retina display (a 'resolution' in tablet PC's, as many are putting it), slightly better camera (who really takes photos or videos with their unwieldy iPad anyway), admittedly more powerful processor and 4G capabilities (the UK has no networks using such connectivity). But is that enough of a reason to make the jump from the iPad, let alone the iPad 2?

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The New iPad, 'New iPad', Finally Unveiled By Apple

The tech world sits, watches, waits as Tim Cook walks on stage of what is his second major keynote as the new head of Apple to unveil the long-rumoured third incarnation of the world's most popular tablet. The iPad 3 has been heavily rumoured arguably ever since the iPad 2 finally made its way out to the world, such is the tenacity of Apple fanboys (we've fuelled the fire from time to time, it has to be said), but this evening the curtains have finally been lifted and we can welcome the device with welcome arms, fingers, voice.

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iPad 3 Concept Uses Retina Display And 3D Holograms

Ahead of the iPad announcement on March 7, Aatma Studios have released an iPad 3 concept features video, with retina display and the use of 3D holographics and table projections. 

The first extravagant conceptual design choice to immediately take note of is the use of an edge-to-edge display measured at 2560x1140 pixels (a.k.a 'retina').  With the complete surface being a screen, alluding to a larger display, the entire front panel works as the home button to the user.

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