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Every Company Does Not Need A Social Media Presence. Please Stop

As a social media manager, I’ve always been optimistic about every business having a social presence. But as the side of my new stapler box encouraged me to follow the company on Twitter, it became clear that corporate reliance on these networks has gone too far.

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Google's 'Porn Equations.' Search Bug Returns Results For "Contradictory Queries"

A user on Quora has uncovered a Google search bug, which shows porn results without actually searching for them.  Entering a certain equation exposes this glitch, which is a result of your query being misinterpreted and some sketchy search engine optimisation (SEO) practice.

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Searching "Pokémon X Videos" In Google Leads To Porn

A few weeks ago Nintendo announced Pokémon X, and all across the world children are gleefully searching for more info, only to meet with a terrible fate. It has been discovered that typing "Pokémon X Videos" into Google reveals some pretty raunchy material definitely not intended for children, or anyone for that matter.

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