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Google's 'Porn Equations.' Search Bug Returns Results For "Contradictory Queries"

A user on Quora has uncovered a Google search bug, which shows porn results without actually searching for them.  Entering a certain equation exposes this glitch, which is a result of your query being misinterpreted and some sketchy search engine optimisation (SEO) practice.

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Artists Create Bound 'Google Dictionary' Made Up Of Google Images

It might lack the academic merit of the English Oxford dictionary and miss out on the super-quick search functions that it's inspiration has flaunted for years, but the Google dictionary is nonetheless a sight to behold. With its 1,240-odd pages, it's a creation that brings the words of your more traditional dictionary to life in a way befitting the name: by replacing the actual entry with the first Google image result from an equivalent search of the word.

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Editorial: Why Social search may not be such a good idea

So it's probably been made abundantly clear, via multiple news stories and finding the functionality yourself as Google presents search results via it's Google+ service, that search has expanded to social, titled 'search, plus your world.'

And we also know, as the BBC reports, that Twitter isn't such a fan of this integration by Google, going so far as to say it is a "bad day for the internet."  These comments have been made for the public facing reason of Twitter being a source of real-time information, which should be there for the user who wants the most relevant and up-to-date content.  The more behind-the-scenes reasoning probably relates to their network not taking any precedence on the search, due to their partnership with Google ending quite a while ago.

Social networking strops aside, points have been made on both sides, and it's why I think Google's expanded social search isn't the best idea they've come up with, for both non-users and users of Google+.  It's not going to benefit the people because it contradicts the foundation of such an impactful product as search.  It does this in two ways.

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What defines an English person? Google knows.

The Google search algorithm: one of pure intelligence that doesn't only pick out results based upon the quantitative results; but also the qualitative information.  

The reputation of the site is analysed, the social agreement of the link is recorded, and the relevance to your search is decided upon.  So when you Google 'What defines an english person,''re best off seeing for yourself.  Hopefully it will be fixed soon, for the sake of the search engine's public image.  For those uncomfortable with swearing, don't bother carrying on; but if not, click through for the picture.  Just don't say we didn't warn you.

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Socl: Microsoft's secret social network goes live, then disappears again

Microsoft let the social cat out of the bag tonight, publishing to the web temporarily, then removing it promptly with this spash-screen.  A creation of the FUSE research group, we managed to take a short look around, and managed to find a few key pointers to the service.

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