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Football Manager Experience Lands 21-Year-Old Manager's Job

So you've taken Lincoln City from the Blue Square Premier all the way into the Premiership and beyond to European glory. What then? While we all like to admit we possess the talent-spotting expertise, the tactical awareness and team management calibre of a certain Jose Mourinho after a ten-hour, trophy-laden sesh on Football Manager, few will be able to match this.

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Monumental eBay Videogame Collection Sells For €1 Million

As videogame collections go, few would be able to match this frankly staggering listing by eBay seller collectors_king (a well-deserved moniker, if ever there was one). In full, the sale includes all games ever released for Nintendo home systems (from the Famicom to Gamecube), all games ever released for Sega systems, and every single game for NEC systems – all ‘factory sealed’. And now, it has sold, for a truly staggering €999,999.99 with €1,000 shipping charge.

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An Interview With Platinum Games: The Team Behind Anarchy Reigns


Six years might be a relatively short space of time to you and me, but for Platinum Games that same amount of time has been nothing short of a whirlwind. Founded in August 2006 by former members of Capcom’s Clover Studio, Platinum has since been behind some of the most supremely assured, innovative and tantalisingly over-the-top games of recent years. A smorgasbord of titles over a diverse array of genres; rich in style, substance and, in the case of seductive shape-shifting witch Bayonetta, sex appeal. “In my mind we’ve been rushing full-bore since Platinum Games was founded, and I doubt that feeling will ever change,” executive director and producer Atsushi Inaba informs us, “From our very beginnings, our vision has been consistent: to deliver new, surprising experiences around the world.”

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This Week In New Releases [Week Of 13th February 2012]

We all need a gentle reminder from time to time. This Week In New Releases from New Rising Media aims to do just that – remind you of the biggest, best and hottest new media releases to look out for this week. From the latest big screen blockbusters, to this week's most anticipated Blu-Ray discs, via details of the next big triple-A videogame to reach consoles. This isn't a total run-down of everything new this week, though, these are carefully hand-picked for your viewing/playing pleasure entirely by us, enjoy.

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Sega's return to the console business: urinal gaming makes a splash

The Dreamcast was awesome, and we were sad to see it disappear in the face of Sony's PS2.  At this point, we thought that Sega was officially out of the business of making consoles: the flame had been extinguished...but no more.  Introducing the "Toylet."

Remember the urinal gaming concept we found before?  Turns out the guys at Sega fell in love with the concept, and created their own console to enter this clear market, full to the brim with credibility.  Instructions are simple: pee to play the game.

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