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Wireless 'Tooth Tattoo' Detects Potentially Harmful Bacteria Before It Enters The Body

“People are going to be bionic.” So says Princeton University’s Michael McAlpine, a firm believer of the idea that humans, possibly within just five to ten years, will wear electronic devices all over the body for various purposes. Whether it’s integrating cardiac sensors into the body to monitor abnormal beats or in this case, fixing a flexible electronic circuit atop tooth enamel to detect potentially-harmful bacteria before it ever gets the chance to enter the body.

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Wearable Sensor System Creates Digital Maps In Real-Time

Building on previous research lending robots the ability to map their environments simply by manoeuvring itself around a building autonomously, MIT researchers have now built a portable, wearable sensor system that automatically creates a digital map in real-time using data collected from the wearer’s every move.

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DARPA Threat Detection System Uses Brainwaves To Spot Enemies

Ever had that subconscious feeling trouble is behind you?  Turns out The Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) have managed to harness this undetected human brainwaves with the Cognitive Technology Threat Warning System (CT2WS): a threat detection system with enhanced monitoring. 

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