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Needlessly Sexist? Fujitsu Unveils Laptop 'Designed By Women, For Women'


In Fujitsu’s latest line-up of Windows 8 laptops, an obscurity stuck out like a sore thumb. For one featured within the line-up was called 'Floral Kiss', which the company itself now describes as being built under the direction of its female employees. Tailored to the female audience, forget 'Inspired by nature, built for humans', this really is a case of designed by women, for women.

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'Science: It's A Girl Thing!' The Backlash Against The European Commission

The European Commission has made a great error. A frankly moronic error that makes them appear to be misogynistic idiots trying to sell a new perfume for teenagers called “Science”. But no, the following video isn’t advertising a new perfume (“with subtle hints of sulphur and a lingering scent of formaldehyde in a beautiful bottle designed to pay homage to the double helix”) it’s in fact trying to interest young women in science.

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