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Researchers Build Robots Capable Of Evolution

A team of researchers have designed a program that allows robots to actually evolve, building themselves out of cubes of virtual muscles and bones.  This simulated chain of evolution makes for a remarkable discovery in robotics that, much like Skynet, has very well doomed us all.

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Flying Drone Fitted With Terrifying Eagle Claw To Snatch Victims At High Speed

Researchers from the University of Pennysylvania have developed a bird-like claw, and attached it to a unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV).  This enables the flying drone to pick up objects at a high speed, heavily inspired by how an eagle uses its talons to grab prey.  We just took one terrifying-yet-awesome step closer to flying robots snatching humans off the street.

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Cambridge University Centre To Study "Extinction-Level" Threat To Humans From Technology

Researchers at the University of Cambridge have formed a new centre to explore the threat advances in technology may pose on the human species.  The Centre for the Study of Existential Risk (CSER), they will investigate developments in biotechnology, nanotechnology and artificial intelligence, figuring out how these areas could become a threat to humanity.

The first line of defence against Skynet is now in place.

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DARPA Creates Humanoid Robot That Jumps, Climbs And Avoids Obstacles With Ease


DARPA's most recent creation, the PET-PROTO Robot, has the capability to navigate such obstacles as climbing, jumping, and traversing a wall-to-wall hole in the floor.  The company says it's designed to perform complex tasks in "dangerous, degraded, human-engineered environments;" but the possibilities of outrunning Skynet are now lower than ever.

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