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Smartwatch Screen Too Small? SkinTrack Turns Your Skin Into A Touchscreen

People love the idea of smartwatches, but hate the interface - tiny touchscreens with fiddly controls make for a less-than-enjoyable experience. So a lab at Carnegie Mellon University has fixed the problem with a device that turns the wearer’s skin into a touch interface.

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Microsoft predicts a future of giant displays and thin bendable tablets

Microsoft has big visions for the future. If you've followed any of their previous videos, you'll know they mostly surround big screens a bendy tablets. Well in what is their "productivity future vision," the software developer has looked five-10 years in the future to a world of holograms, super thin tablets and 3D printers.

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'Google Time' Smart Watch Concept Presents Bright Future Of Wearable Tech

User Interface designer Adrian Maciburko has created a concept dubbed 'Google Time.'  As the idea of wearable computing rapidly becomes a technological trend in 2013, this shows a really nice and simple take on the smart watch, using Google's latest design language.

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