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Smartphones Are Boring - Google’s Pixel Proves That Everybody Wants To Make Another iPhone

Google released a new smartphone - the Pixel. It’s a premium device, meant to represent everything great about the ‘Google experience’. Technically, it is very impressive. However, many have noticed that it looks very similar to the iPhone – which is not surprising as it is essentially just a different take on the exact same thing.

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Life and death through the eyes of an iPhone is dizzy and depressing

On average, you pick up your smartphone to complete tasks 221 times a day. For things from checking Facebook in the morning, sending Snapchats during work meetings to express boredom, to taking pictures of your food for Instagram and far too many selfies, it pretty much goes everywhere and does everything with you. While completing these tasks is a great experience for you, how do you think your iPhone feels about it?

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#NRMPresents 'The True-View.' 3D Photos & Video On Your 2D Smartphone

The classic View-Master is dragged into the 21st century with 'The True-View.' The 3D smartphone fad died a couple years ago, so what if you want the best of both worlds? That is where this pretty beautifully designed device comes in, allowing you to take 3D photos and videos on your 2D phone.

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