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Study shows how animals invented social networking


You'd be correct in thinking that conventional thinking of the moment is the likes of Facebook, Twitter and Google+ were human creations.  However, a recent 10-year study into how animals behave has claimed otherwise, showing that social networking operates in the same fashion across all species.

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Facebook Memology presents the most popular topics and cultural trends of 2011

Let's be honest, this is only scratching the surface as to how many data trends the social network are collecting about its users; but the Facebook Data Team have returned to present this year's Memology, tapping into the social graph by tracking 2011's most talked about topics, memes and the widely used acronyms on the service.

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Editorial: Don't call it a Social Graph

“As Facebook adds more and more people with more and more connections it continues growing and becomes more useful at a faster rate. We are going to use it spread information through the social graph.” Mark Zuckerberg claimed a while ago in 2007, while explaining the secret behind the social network.

Now there's always been something that's sounded a little off to me whenever I've heard the term 'Social Graph.'  At first I thought it just sounded pretentious; but the search brought forward the utmost primary reason why.

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