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Singapore To Unveil The World’s First Mechanical Forest Later This Month

Taking up just a fraction of the 250-acre landscaping project known as ‘Gardens by the Bay’ in Singapore, the world’s first ‘mechanical forest’ in Singapore truly is a sight to behold. Opening June 29th, this unique merging of breathtaking engineering and the beauty of nature comprises of 18-man made “supertrees” standing proud at up to 50 metres above the ocean bay.

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Infographic of the day: The Science of Peer Pressure
We've all been in that position as socially awkward individuals: wanting to win in the social setting by caving into what the majority think instead of sticking out like a metaphorical sore thumb.  But what biological process occur to get to this decision of keeping to the codes and conventions.  It turns into an infograph-ad for One block off the grid's solar energy plans; but it also pushes across the science of peer pressure in social norm marketing: breaking the pseudo-norms, being the individual or the aforementioned metaphorical sore thumb is what we like.  Our infographic of the day.
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