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Might The Days Of Facebook Stalking Be Numbered?

Having already introduced changes to Facebook Chat that sees users informed when a message has been seen by a recipient – to the chagrin of avoidant types – now Facebook has announced an overhaul to Groups which allows users to identify exactly who and who has not seen certain posts. Were the company to roll out the feature to the rest of the site, could Facebook ‘stalking’ soon be a thing of the past?

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'Stalking' App 'Girls Around Me' Pulled From The App Store

Despite a supposedly rigorous, rigid and reliable approval process employed to maintain the quality, security and legality of applications within its App Store, a mobile app that we have no reservations in calling a stalker's best friend has only just been pulled from Apple's store – and not even at the request of Apple itself.

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'Take this lollipop' and realise what people can find out about you on Facebook

The words 'Facebook' and 'Privacy' cancel each other out, regardless of the myriad of Privacy controls the social network shows to you.

The fundamentals of the service are based around sharing information about you, and no string of content controlling options can stop that data getting out.  If anything, they're adding a glaze to this bleak reality by adding the Timeline functionality.

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