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A 'Steam Box' Emerges At CES 2013

We all knew a 'Steam Box' of some sort was coming – Valve boss Gabe Newell recently said as much – but exactly what that mysterious console-cum-PC would look like or how indeed it would stack up against the competition, little was known. CES 2013 has already given us one or two shock announcements, but one alluding to Valve's much-discussed Steam-based home console is certainly the best of the bunch as yet.

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Living Room PC's Are Coming, To Compete With Next-Gen Consoles Says Gabe Newell

Rumours of the so-called 'Steam Box' – a console-like PC for the living room, powered by Valve's cherished gaming service – have been floating around the Internet for many months now, but that's all they've ever been: rumours. Now, we might just have the kind of evidence we were looking for that the company behind Half-Life and Portal are at least thinking about a PC/Console hybrid, ready to compete with the likes of the PS4 and Xbox 720.

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The Mystery Over Valve’s Hardware Deepens, New Job Ad Spotted

Despite previously shooting down rumours that the company was working on a Steam-powered console that could prove a worthy rival to the Xbox 360 and PS3, a new job listing spotted online now seems to confirm Valve Corporation is thinking extremely seriously about hardware in some form, whatever that may bring.

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