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Interview With Petroglyph On Upcoming Game Victory

A few days ago, indie developer Petroglyph announced Victory, a game currently making the rounds on Kickstarter. We were fortunate enough to get in touch with the creative team behind the game and ask them a few questions about Victory, its inspiration, and their plans moving forward.

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Petroglyph Aims For Kickstarter 'Victory' With Online RTS Set In World War II

Petroglyph, a studio founded by the industry veterans behind 'Command & Conquer,' have launched their latest game on Kickstarter called 'Victory.'  This World War II action strategy game has the goal of delivering a fresh, new experience in online strategy gaming with community support.

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#Politics. UK Government turns to Social media to cut costs

David Cameron may well be joining in on the big discussion (hope he doesn't slip up and tweet #itsokaytocheatif), with a new government strategy for jumping into social media "to facilitate a two-way dialogue with citizens." 

The plans come as part of yet another huge cost cutting proposal, to skim a cool £1bn off the budget as the Government implements a their new IT strategy.


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