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Microsoft to Sue Comet for selling '94,000 counterfeit copies of Windows'

UK electronics retailer, Comet, is being taken to court by Microsoft for allegedly creating and selling unauthorised copies of its Windows operating systems.

Microsoft claim that the retailer created more than 94,000 Windows recovery discs for Vista and XP, and sold them to customers.  They were sold between March of 2008 and December 2009, and while Comet sold this as an added extra to customers who wished to restore their computers to original configuration in the event of problems, the Redmond based technology company claim this is unfair to the consumer.

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Will Facebook sue Mark Zuckerberg?

After legally changing his name on December 7, Mark Zuckerberg a.k.a Israeli entrepreneur Rotem Guez has received threats of legal action from Facebook, successfully trolling on possibly the grandest scale.

This Zuckerception came into public attention as Zuckerberg the second launched his website, which starts to tell the story into just how they got to this stage.

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