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The Round-up: Google, Halloween, Frequency and Lollipops

So it's been yet another week of big news, best to dive right in, and what better place to start at then with Google and Samsung announcing the Galaxy Nexus in Hong Kong.

A 4.65" screen, 1.2 ghz dual core processor, 16 or 32gb internal storage and a UK release of November 17th.  We had an early heads up on some of the contract pricings from Phones 4 U.  Giving it to you short: be prepared to sell a kidney.

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'Take this lollipop' and realise what people can find out about you on Facebook

The words 'Facebook' and 'Privacy' cancel each other out, regardless of the myriad of Privacy controls the social network shows to you.

The fundamentals of the service are based around sharing information about you, and no string of content controlling options can stop that data getting out.  If anything, they're adding a glaze to this bleak reality by adding the Timeline functionality.

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