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Watch The Original 'Star Wars' Teaser Trailer. "A Billion Years In The Making" From 1976

This teaser trailer for Star Wars from 1976 has surfaced on YouTube, showing you just how George Lucas had to sell the film to his audience before it became a cultural phenomenon. The results are weird, or as the trailer describes "a spectacle light-years ahead of its time."

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Robots Terrorise LA In Found Footage Teaser '2088'

Having proven his worth in visual effects on the likes of The Matrix Reloaded and The Polar Express, Steven Ilous of VFX house SMI Entertainment is now set to cause a stir in Hollywood all of his own. He's behind 'found footage' teaser trailer 2088, a proof-of-concept piece for a science-fiction film set in the futuristic, gritty, neon-trimmed streets of Los Angeles.

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