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Grab Your Wellies, The Inbetweeners Sequel Is In The Works

Just when we all thought our only way to experience the joy of new Inbetweeners was with that god-awful US remake of the very British comedy (if you've not seen the trailer yet, it's actually painful to watch), co-creator of the original Brit show, Damon Beesley, has confirmed that a sequel to last year's film is coming.

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Don’t Cross The Streams: A Look At The Battle Between On-Demand Rental Services, Netflix and LOVEFiLM

“We offer a much better user experience than Lovefilm,” said Reed Hastings, chief executive of Netflix, upon the launch of the typically-US rental streaming service in the UK earlier this month. “[We have] HD video streams, we are on more platforms, such as Nintendo Wii, and we have a broader content offering.” With just a couple of publicity-sodden sentences, Hastings’ intentions were blindingly obvious: he had kick-started the bid to become the UK’s biggest film and TV on-demand service, looking to overthrow the Amazon-owned Lovefilm on its own turf. Having enjoyed the delights of Netflix for nearly a month now, we felt it the perfect time to reflect on our own streaming habits and highlight the advantages, or indeed disadvantages, of the service. But rather than merely perform a clear-cut review, we’re putting it up against current UK favourite Lovefilm and its own on-demand package (ignoring its by-post service) to crown what we believe to be the best streaming deal out there at the moment.

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This week in new releases

We all like the word 'new,' adds a promotional sheen to stand your product out from the rest.  But where can you identify all the new media to cross your path?  Sure there's 'new game releases' and 'new film releases' pieces; but where's the convergence?  That's where we come into it, introducing This week in new releases.

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