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The Pirate Bay Heads For The Clouds

For some years now, there’s been a repeating cycle to The Pirate Bay's operations. Get shut-down, move domain, perhaps change business practices, start up once again. Wash, rinse, repeat. And it largely worked, at least up until the high profile trial in 2006 which culminated in four defendants being found guilty of copyright violations, sentenced to a year in jail, and ordered to pay around $3 million in damages.

Since, it’s tried to put a barrier between itself and a shut-down by the authorities. The latest move is a bold one to say the least: ditch the servers and head for the clouds above.

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Torrenters Beware, You're Likely Being Tracked

There aren't many people in such Internet-savvy times who would plead ignorance to ever using a BitTorrent client to download pirated music, video or programs. But even so, our behaviour online is likely drawing us a whole lot of unwanted attention from copyright-enforcement agencies, according to a new study by a group of computer security researchers from the University of Birmingham.

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Hollywood to BT: "Block The Pirate Bay."

A coalition of Movie, Music and and publishing companies have formally requested BT block internet access to The Pirate Bay voluntarily, before they send the boys around.

The group are called BPI, and supported by the rest of the UK creative industries, they asked Britain’s largest ISP to voluntarily deny public access The Pirate Bay.  The resistance would seem futile, since it'd probably be too easy for the studios to get a court order to get BT to do it.  But regardless of that, we hope they say no.

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