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Creepy Tinder Match Can’t Get The Hint? Stave Them Off With Burner’s Ghostbot

If you’ve ever been on the receiving end of annoyingly harassing texts, chances are you are used to blocking phone numbers or have a script full of noncommittal responses. But what if you really can’t be bothered to deal with that anymore? Burner is here to help with Ghostbot - a bot that will blow off any creepers for you.

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Anti-Sex Trafficking Campaign Matches Tinder Users To Abused Victims

I never thought Tinder would be a place for a disruptive campaign, creating awareness around sex trafficking in Ireland. But that's exactly what has happened, as advertising agency EightyTwenty has worked on behalf of the Immigration Council of Ireland by creating several fake profiles of actresses portraying women forced into sex work.

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'Tinder.' New App Streamlines The Dating Process To 'Hot Or Not' Basics

We're all used to the notion of online and mobile dating by now; OKcupid,, eHarmony, the list continues to grow. To some extent, it makes sense -- modern life is becoming more and more hectic with most people working longer hours, and many no longer have the time to have relationships grow organically. But Tinder, a new dating app for your phone, has refined the art down to a basic "hot or not" principle.

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