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Is Pheed The New Twitter?

Hand-picking features from a wide-range of the most popular social networks across the web (from Facebook, Tumblr, SoundCloud, to of course Twitter), ‘Pheed’ is all set to become the new Internet darling; having already picked up over 250,000 unique users and celebrities alike in just days, with Paris Hilton, David Guetta, Miley Cyrus and Chris Brown a few noteworthy names.

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Porn Publisher Sues Tumblr Over Photo Use

If you're a user of the social micro-blogging service, you'll be more than well aware of the presence of near-incessantly uploaded and reblogged pornographic imagery.  That is until now, however, as Perfect 10, a pornography publisher has launched a lawsuit against the platform for ingringing on its copyrighted material.


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Facebook, Tumblr and Google +'s buggiest pages are works of Social art

Anybody found a page called 'Glitchr' on their respective social networks, as mentioned in the title?  Turns out that they were created as an art project by Lithuanian, Laimonas Zakas.

The Facebook page, thus far has over 14,000 likes since the story went viral through multiple tech blogs, and is a primary focus due to it being the largest social network of all.  The completely harmless page takes your chat navigation bar and spreads it down your screen in an almost wave-like style.  Kind of like when your computer freezes and your open window sporadically multiplies as you drag it across the screen.

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Comic Sans Project fights for typographical justice

So, haters of Comic Sans.  Those who express anger at the 90s Microsoft typography.  Those who are deeply aggrivated by the presence of an aesthetically failed version of comic book text.  You have tried to extinguish the metaphorical flame os the sans serif font of the comical variety with your site of protest; but a movement is upon us that could change all of that.

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Obama gets a Tumblr

Caving into the temptation of Nigel Thornberry Gifs and 4Chan jokes that are a year too late, Barack Obama now has a Tumblr page for his 2012 campaign.

"We’d like this Tumblr to be a huge collaborative storytelling effort—a place for people across the country to share what’s going on in our respective corners of it and how we’re getting involved in this campaign to keep making it better." Proclaims the first Tumblr post that (yes) directly addresses the blogging service brand as if it were a real person (a rather annoying trait if I do say so myself).

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