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Twitter For Sale – Who’s Looking To Buy And Why?

Twitter has not had it easy over the past couple of years. From the flat growth of new users to a torrential storm of abusive tweets, the social network has been dragged through the mud a fair few times.

But now, things are starting to look optimistic, as it’s been widely reported that Twitter is going up for sale with some interesting companies looking to buy…

Who are these companies? Why would they want to purchase a social network in an almost purgatorial state? Let’s take a look.

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Woman in Kent Jailed For Pretending To Be Murdered Child’s Ghost On Twitter

Chloe Cowan, a 20-year-old from Kent, has been handed a three-year jail sentence and banned from using any internet-enabled device for 10 years, after pretending to be the ghost of a murdered child to launch a series of hate attacks on Twitter… Social media abuse is a common problem, but this seems to take things to a new low.

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Twitter Celebrates Tenth Anniversary With 140-Character Thank You Note

On March 21st, 2006, Twitter entered the social world. Ten years later, it has over 300 million active users and went public to the tune of more than $10 billion. Granted this is $30 billion less than 2013 and many people still misunderstand how to use it, but the company hopes to change these preconceptions wth its new ad.

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This Art Exhibit Turns Tweets Into A Beautiful Sphere Of Emotion

With 350,000 tweets sent every minute, it's impossible to keep track of all the emotions every Twitter user conveys. The Fuse Studio want to change that with an art installation named "Amygdala," which crunches up to 30 tweets per second and visually translates each into one of six emotions: Happiness, anger, sadness, disgust, amazement or fear.

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'Breaking Bad' Prank Reminds Us To Not Post Your Phone Number On Twitter

Actor Aaron paul, who plays Jesse in Breaking Bad, asked his Twitter followers to let him know any thoughts on the recent episode by saying “Let me talk you thru it. Number, please.”  With this has come a brilliant prank by ZeoStorm, and a lesson to everyone: don't post personal info online, even if an actor tells you to.

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'Geography Of Hate' Uses Twitter Data To Map Most Racist And Homophobic Places In America

Social Medi  a, for all its beneficial qualities, can also be quite the hot bed for racist, homophobic and ableist thinking.  Floating Sheep, a group of geography academics, has created the "Geography of Hate" in this vein, using Twitter data to map the most hate-filled states in America.

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