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UK Government Just Admitted To Illegally Spying On Citizens for 17 Years, But Won't Stop

After a legal battle that spanned more than a year, the UK government's surveillance agency - GCHQ - admitted to illegally spying for the past 17 years and apologised for their actions. But then, thanks to some tiny changes in GCHQ policy, it turns out they can carry on without being punished.

Isn't that some bull shit...

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Parliament's Porn Habit Laid Bare. 300,000 Attempts To Access 'Adult' Websites From Work Computers

The Houses of Parliament maybe debating a crackdown on online pornography; but that doesn't stop the 'adult' urges whilst hard at work.  Official records obtained by the Huffington Post suggest that more than 300,000 attempts were made to access porn websites from their work computers in the past year.

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New UK Image Copyright Law Allows Anyone To Use Uploaded Images. The Government Responds

The Enterprise Regulatory and Reform Act, which puts controversial new copyright laws around what is called "orphan works" in place for photos uploaded onto the internet, received Royal Assent and will be published on May 2nd 2013.

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Will We Soon Need To “Opt-In” At Broadband Sign-Up To View Online Pornography?

Under-18s may soon have to pluck up the courage to ask their parents to remove that block on internet pornography if ministers of the UK government get their way in approving a change in the law that would give parents even more control over the type of content their broadband provider provides.

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UK Government Report Urges ISPs To Take Down Terrorist Content

A Government report on the roots of religious radicalization and terrorism has sent out a message to ISPs to curate and regulate potentially illegal content that incites terrorism, concluding that the internet "features in most, if not all, of the routes of radicalization."

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