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LG Unveils The World's First 84" Ultra HD TV At Gadget Show Live Christmas

There's little to deny that LG has delivered something truly special with this beauty: a super sleek, room-swallowing 84-inch 'Ultra HD' TV that the company claims to be not only one of the very first Ultra HD displays to reach UK market, but one that also happens to be the largest.

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NHK And Panasonic Unveil 145-Inch Ultra HD TV, Boasting A Generous 34 Million Pixels

There's big screens and then there are big screens. Such as this set, made real through a collaboration between NHK (also known as the Japanese Broadcasting Corporation) and Panasonic; a TV that ups the ante ten-fold in what we can expect from high-definition TV's of the future. Fitted into its 145-inch display frame are a total of nearly 34 million pixels, capable of displaying a resolution of 4,320 x 7,680.

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