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The 'OnaCon': TechArts 3D's Masturbation Stat-Tracking Gaming Peripheral

The world of videogames isn't averse to adult-orientated games – as our run-down of the best games to 'enjoy' over valentine's day no doubt proved, aroused 8-bit caricatures and all – nor indeed is it of frankly absurd add-on peripherals, such as Nintendo's Vitality Sensor (still yet to see a release) and bowling ball attachment for the Wii. Really. But even so, we struggle to come up with the words to describe what Japanese adult game studio TechArts 3D have come up with.

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USB Biofeedback Game Controller. Play games with your gun show

So you flex those fore-arms to impress the women, who always end up walking away (it's okay to admit, we've all been there).  Well what if we could provide you some kind of use for them except for their power of ticket dispensary?  

Well Advancer Technologies has your back, with the Biofeedback Game Controller, a plug-and-play option that used EMG (electromyography) sensors to monitor electrical currents that flow through your muscles with every impulse, and turn them into on-screen control (in this case, navigating Mario in Super Mario 3).

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