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'The Phantom Pain' Conspiracy. Metal Gear Solid V All But Confirmed In Trailer And PR Analysis

Without a doubt, this has to be some of the greatest viral marketing I have seen this year, as 'Joakim N. Mogren' has been slowly leaking details to the public about The Phantom Pain: a game unveiled at the VGAs, which bares a striking resemblence to a certain Kojima's Metal Gear universe.

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The Round-up: Sexting, the VGAs and a whole lot of hate towards the English

So a pretty big week has passed us by, giving we few writers a hell of a lot to cover.  Permit us, if you will, to assist those who are late to the metaphorical nrm party (we say metaphorical both because that the party is a metaphor for the audience for the website, and also that the thought of any of us hosting a party is laughable imaginary), by offering a whole seven days of coverage in a nice concise package of links for you to divulge upon.  Next Call of Duty in space?  Google search returning results that call English rhymes with hunt?  A hydro-jetpack?  Strap in.  This one's a doozy!

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Spike TV VGA Awards 2011: The Round Up

Geographically close to one of the gaming industry's iconic public stages – E3's LA Convention Center – the Spike TV VGA Awards has been building quite the name for itself over the past few years. Once just another 'me-too' award show (albeit one with more T & A and ill-conceived humour than your average affair), the annual show, shown live on Spike TV, is now one of the most hyped events in the industry's calendar. What with a host of exclusive worldwide reveals (Mass Effect 3, Batman: Arkham City), Spike TV has built the VGA's into quite the spectacle – a show that celebrates games, gamers and gaming with a menagerie of celebrity guests, worldwide reveals, exclusive debut trailers and, of course, the awards themselves. This year might have struggled to break free from its immature roots, for many, including Jason Schreier, still a worrying trend, but that didn't mean we weren't treated to some truly spectacular glimpses at upcoming titles. So, without further adieu, here are our picks of the very best moments of the Spike TV VGA Awards 2011...

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