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Hands On With Kinematix Tune At Wearable Technology Show 2016

We've seen all kinds of fitness trackers in different positions, from your wrist to your chest. The Kinematix Tune is the first one that actually makes complete sense to me, as it is attached to the insoles of your running shoes.

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The Best Wearable Tech Deals In February 2016

Wearable gadgets have quickly become some of the most desirable technology on the planet. From tracking your fitness to providing a subtle second screen for checking notifications, their uses for enhancing your daily life are endlessly expanding. With more and more becoming available, prices are taking a tumble making this an exciting time for anyone strapped for cash.

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New Rising Media will be at the Wearable Technology Show

Wearables are quickly becoming a technological and cultural norm, which alongside the rise in augmented reality makes 2015 an exciting year for new innovations. With this in mind, I'm proud to say the New Rising Media team will be at this year's Wearable Technology Show and Augmented Reality Show to cover it all for the first time.

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