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The Untraceable Dealer: $2 Million Exchanged On Underground Drug Site Every Month


A comprehensive analysis of underground trade website Silk Road has uncovered it is accounting for nearly $2 million worth of drug sales every month of operation. Nicknamed the 'anonymous marketplace', Silk Road is the place for suppliers of illegal drugs and other black-market goods. In operation largely under the radar of your average peruser of the Internet, its a digital black market common to all kinds of illegal trade.

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From The Guys Who Brought You 'Date A Gamer' Comes Shag A!

From everyone's favourite gamer dating site (not entirely verifiable) Date A Gamer comes a new match-up website dedicated to just one thing: bringing together geek gamer boys and girls for, in their own words, a “quick shag”. Chivalry really might be dead...

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Virgin Media Using 'Success Kid' Meme For Marketing

Memes have become commonplace for the viral spread of messages; but there has always seemed to be a distinct gap between this form of communication and the 'upper echelon' of marketing, until now.  Virgin Media have begun to use the famous 'Success Kid' meme in their promotional material, including their website and billboards all over UK.

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The Upstart Website Designed To Sell On Unwanted Gifts From Broken Relationships

Relationship break-ups are never a nice thing. A list of duties following a split ranges from everything to closing down shared bank accounts to informing relatives, friends and other parties. But when it comes to disposing of unwanted gifts from past relationships, website aims to make it as smooth as possible.

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NASA unveils hub for open source projects

Continuing with the initiatives NASA has been making to generate an open plain of communication and discussion surrounding scientific research, they have announced code.NASA: a central portal to "continue, unify, and expand NASA’s open source activities."

After just turning Alpha, some of the features are not present yet; but as is there's still much to be done.  You can access information and resources from other users looking to make it big via the NASA open source route.

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