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Harmonix Unveils Fourth Rock Band Game, Dumps The Instruments

Music game developer Harmonix is all set to revisit the Rock Band series, officially unveiling today a new downloadable title entitled Rock Band Blitz for Xbox Live Arcade and PSN. It will be the series' first appearance since the abysmal performance of Rock Band 3 – which managed to ship just 1.4m units compared to series-high Rock Band 2 accumulating 4 million units sold globally ( – entering a music games market sector which is but a shadow of its former self, its decline having claimed the scalp of Activision's milked Guitar Hero.

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An Interview With Remedy Entertainment

Drawing more parallels to the vibes of mystery-soaked, suspense-filled supernatural TV dramas, and putting a psychologically-disturbed protagonist front-and-center rather than your atypical videogame archetype, Alan Wake was an alarmingly risky proposition for its developer and backer to see through. But with the supernatural thriller recently reported to have surpassed the 2 million mark in units sold – a statistic no doubt helped along by the title’s recent release on PC – and rumours of a sequel in the pipeline, it’s a bet that seems to have paid off big for the team that cut its teeth on the bullet-time thrills and film noir vibes of the Max Payne series.

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Alan Wake Sequel Confirmed For XBLA

Though long-rumoured and leaked in part in May, Remedy Entertainment today confirmed that an Alan Wake sequel is in the works. Titled Alan Wake’s Night Springs, somewhat surprisingly for such a high-profile IP, the follow-up to the Twin Peaks-inspired psychological thriller (that grew to be really boring after the first two levels) will not see the light of day at retail.

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