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From The Guys Who Brought You 'Date A Gamer' Comes Shag A!

From everyone's favourite gamer dating site (not entirely verifiable) Date A Gamer comes a new match-up website dedicated to just one thing: bringing together geek gamer boys and girls for, in their own words, a “quick shag”. Chivalry really might be dead...

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Game Review: Minecraft - Xbox 360 Edition

Notch's Minecraft truly is a phenomenon in gaming. In a couple of short years, the deviously-simple sandbox building game represents everything fundamentally great about indie game development. Going from a project created in the bedroom of the aforementioned Markus 'Notch' Persson and since riding on the back of nothing more than word alone (up until now, Minecraft has been entirely self-published), the game has now been played by millions and, along with it, earned its creator millions in the process.

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Xbox Live’s Sex Pests ‘Move In On Prey Within Two Minutes’, Reports Metro

How’s this for a sensationalist, videogame-bashing headline: ‘Xbox paedophile predators 'move in on prey within two minutes of contact’'? If there was ever a reason to cry fowl of the mainstream presses misunderstanding and vindication of gaming, it’s right here. London’s daily free-sheet Metro today brings alarmist reporting and misplaced fear-mongering to an all-new high, reporting ‘alarming findings’ that makes the paedophile population of Xbox Live sound like a feral pack of ferocious lions stalking their evening meal across the dusty plains of online lobbies, leaderboards and friends lists. An image used of the first-generation Xbox is the icing on the cake.

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Guns to be removed from Xbox Live Avatar Marketplace

Got your eye on a Lancer or Hammerburst for your Avatar, to give your persona that extra grunt?  Well, according to community manager Raczilla on the Epic Games forums, you've got a week to go grab it, as Microsoft are removing and banning the sale of all gun-like items in the Avatar marketplace.

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Official Xbox Live app available on iOS

Microsoft has released an official Xbox Live app, titled My Xbox Live, for Apple's iPhone and iPad.  That felt rather strange to put in a headline.

As Major Nelson announced in his blog, the app pretty closely resembles what features you see on the Windows Phone 7 variant, just without the deep integration with mobile games that WP7 possesses.

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The Sun now claims denied hacking is an "Xbox fraud cover-up"

The Sun have fought back against Microsoft's dismissal of its front page "exclusive," claiming Xbox Live was hacked by throwing out accusations of a cyber fraud "cover-up."

Earlier this week (Tuesday to be exact), The Sun ran a front page story in its newspaper about a "Crime Exclusive," reporting that thousands of Xbox Live accounts had been hacked, stealing millions of pounds in the process.  Microsoft released a statement, denying claims of hacking, confirming that the infrastructure itself is safe, and stating that this was a case of a phishing scam (online attempts to con people into giving you their personal details).  

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