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Nepenthez Gets Nicked - FIFA Gambling Site Taken to Court

YouTube Gaming channels are rapidly becoming a major part of online entertainment. Whether it be Let’s Players, Review and Analysis, News Channels, or any number of variations, more and more people are making their living either playing or discussing games – and attracting legions of fans while they do so. However, one thing this rapidly-growing medium has so far lacked is a concrete set of laws and legislation behind it, and that might be set to change, thanks to an incident in Essex.

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GTA fans film a recreation of the retro top-down game using a drone

Grand Theft Auto wasn't the huge 3D universe of strip clubs, therapists and complex plots straight from your favourite crime shows. It used to be a top-down romp where you grabbed a weapon and took destruction to the flat streets of Liberty City. YouTuber Vojta Paul has created a real-life love letter to the times of old, by filming a game sequence through his own streets using a drone to recreate the top-down view.

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