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Stanford Researchers Build Million-Core Supercomputer

As you're aware, most computers have four processor cores, some have eight; but a team at Stanford have built a supercomputer that contains over a million cores. 

This behemoth of a machine is called 'Sequoia,' and can be found at Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory (LLNL), in California. It contains a whopping 1,572,864 cores, and 1.6 petabytes of memory - that's 1.6 million gigabytes, almost enough to store the data of every academic library in the US.

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The Flying Car Is Getting Closer To Reality, 'Transition' Completes Test Flight

Imagine, if you will, being stuck in a tail-back miles upon miles long, no hope of moving past your 2mph average speed any time soon and your frustration with the motorway infrastructure of our country becoming ever greater. Then imagine pulling out of the traffic, taking your wheels to the hard shoulder and putting your foot firm to the floor, using the slip road as if it were a runway at Heathrow. Thanks to the Massachussets-based Terrafugia Inc, taking your car to the skies is no longer a distant concept resigned only to the pages of science-fiction novels and the visuals of films, the congestion-avoiding ideal is closer than you might first think...

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