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Alcohol Art: Booze Put Under The Microscope

With swathes of colour and bright, vivid ribbons of light filling the canvas, you'd be forgiven for thinking the pictured image above is a piece of modern artwork drawn from a painter's palette. Instead, it's a photograph of an alcoholic beverage under microscope – this particular one being The Dude's favoured White Russian cocktail – from a series called BevShots.

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Some Men Willing To Give Up Sex For An iPhone 5

Anticipation for the iPhone 5 is at fever pitch.  The release is rumoured to be just a month away; but what would you give up to get your hands on it?  Turns out that one in eleven men would be willing to go celibate for a month if it meant getting the long awaited smartphone before the release date.

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Scientists Researching A Drug That Will Keep You Sober

Like the regular twenty-somethings we are, we have to admit we're not averse to the odd night out on the town. But if there's one down side to getting merry on the juice, like any binge drinker will tell you, it's the dreaded hangover the next day that makes it all seem pointless, ill thought out, superficial if you will – besides the notes in your wallet somehow miraculously disappearing in the night.

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