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Angry Birds To Receive Its Very First UK Theme Park, In Retford...

Angry Birds truly is taking over the world. The brand is literally everywhere you look; from lunch boxes, to backpacks, toys, plushies and the birds' very own cartoon series. Heck, even F1 and Caterham’s Heikki Kovaleinen sports the face of the angered red fowl. But that isn’t all, because the Angry Birds phenomenon has swept across the world with licensed theme parks. Now, the UK is set to welcome its very own.

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Heikki Kovalainen To Sport Angry Birds Helmet In This Year's F1

Remember when Angry Birds was nothing but another game on the App Store looking to make it big? It might be harder than you first think, what with the 59p App exploding in popularity, winging its way into the heart of millions and earning billions in the process. Angry Birds merchandise is everywhere; from branded kitchen-ware, to felt iPad cases, irresistibly cute plush toys, playing cards, backpacks, lunchboxes… There are even plans to open an at a theme park in the developer’s homeland Finland this summer.

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