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'Monsterous Murders.' A Stop-Motion Short with Real Potential

Sarah Davidson and Sarah Duffield-Harding from the University for the Creative Arts have been developing stop-motion animation for a number of years. Their projects have been relatively low budget, and have taken time and dedication for them to complete. At the moment they are currently looking to complete one of their largest works yet: Monsterous Murders.

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Martin says its jetpack is practical. Proven with poorly rendered animation

So Jetpacks, for all their impressive prestige for Nazi combat and general procrastination, they haven't been seen within the wider public agenda than the tech followers (people beyond we enthusiastic readers) as applicable to other situations.  But Martin wants you to know about that they're actually useful.

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Google X meets Taiwanese animation [VIDEO]

Courtesy of, Google's secret laboratory, known as "Google X" received the animated treatment for all to see.

As has been the standard of these Taiwanese news animators a general grasp of original New York Times story is maintained, while delving into specific details a little too (whimsically) much, using robots, aliens, and a space elevator.

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