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MR-808: The Real Life Drum Machine


The 1980s are considered to have given birth to modern electronic music. One of the backbones was (and still is) the Roland TR-808, an early programmable drum machine. This iconic piece of hardware has been mimicked, sampled and synthesized countlessly over the past 30 years since its debut yet now Moritz Simon Geist (aka Sonic Robots) has taken this one step further.

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Web connected robot gives your online notifications their own scent

Meet Olly: a small, rather minimalistically designed gadget which is, according to creator Mint Foundry, a 'web connected smelly robot.'  What does this mean?  If sight and sound are already stimulated by the very device with which you are reading this from, then imagine adding smell to this combination.

Your girlfriend/boyfriend messages you on Facebook or Twitter, for example.  Instantly your nasal capacity is filled with the scent of their perfume, due to Olly emitting that individual scent as part of the notification.

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