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Japanese Students Create Impossibly Complicated Clock That Re-Writes The Time Every Minute

No matter how many smartwatches enter the market, nothing will compare to the mechanical fascination of analogue. Watching all the gears, springs and cogs spinning makes for an almost hypnotic experience. Students at the Tohoku University of Art And Design in Japan have taken note of this, creating incredibly complicated clock that writes out the time.

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#NRMPresents Max Weber - Interview With A Glitch Artist

Max Weber was born near Stuttgart, Germany in 1990. After an intership at a local design agency he became interested in the underlying structures that make up a brand, logo or concept. Combining his passion for music and sound with his design experience, he started studying audio design.
Although he is curious about a multitude of subjects, Max's primary interest is in the procedures at work behind art forms. Aside from Databending, Max also produces electronic music, predominantly influenced by Techno. He recently allowed me to interview him, after I discovered his work through Reddit. 
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Alcohol Art: Booze Put Under The Microscope

With swathes of colour and bright, vivid ribbons of light filling the canvas, you'd be forgiven for thinking the pictured image above is a piece of modern artwork drawn from a painter's palette. Instead, it's a photograph of an alcoholic beverage under microscope – this particular one being The Dude's favoured White Russian cocktail – from a series called BevShots.

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Facebook, Tumblr and Google +'s buggiest pages are works of Social art

Anybody found a page called 'Glitchr' on their respective social networks, as mentioned in the title?  Turns out that they were created as an art project by Lithuanian, Laimonas Zakas.

The Facebook page, thus far has over 14,000 likes since the story went viral through multiple tech blogs, and is a primary focus due to it being the largest social network of all.  The completely harmless page takes your chat navigation bar and spreads it down your screen in an almost wave-like style.  Kind of like when your computer freezes and your open window sporadically multiplies as you drag it across the screen.

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