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Asteroid-Miners Planetary Resources To Catch A Ride With Virgin Galactic

Though its best known for pushing ahead with plans to take paying customers into space, kick-starting widespread space tourism, Richard Branson this week announced at the Farnborough International Airshow that the company is still firmly behind its small satellite launch system. And the billionaire-backed asteroid-mining company Planetary Resources might well be one of its earliest adopters...

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It's Official: Planetary Resources Lifts The Curtain On Its Plan To Mine Asteroids

Five days ago we detailed how a group of investors that included Google co-founders Larry Page and Eric Schmidt, director James Cameron, CEO of the X-Prize Foundation Peter Diamandis are funding a project known as 'Planetary Resources' that would help “chart the future”, “add trillions of dollars to the global GDP” and ultimately “[breed] a new definition of 'natural resources'.” Open to interpretation at the time of writing, the company has today revealed exactly what that all means; fuelling a new age of space exploration and eventually mining nearby asteroids for precious metals and rare minerals.

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James Cameron, Google Co-Founders Backing Space Resource Project

Titanic, Avatar director and self-confessed diving junkie James Cameron is one name from a number of high-profile investors (a list that also includes Google co-founders Larry Page and Eric Schmidt, former Microsoft executive Charles Simonyi and chairman and CEO of the X Prize Foundation, co-founder of Zero-G Corporation Peter Diamandis) who are hoping to kick-start a new age of space exploration and “ultimately create a better standard of living on Earth”.

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