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British Scientists' Search For Alien Life Renewed With UK SETI Research Network

UK scientists are stepping up their efforts to search for alien life, forming the United Kingdom Search for ExtraTerrestrial Intelligence (UK SETI) Research Network.  Academics from various British institutions have banded together to form a "small but active group of SETI researchers in the UK, who need a forum to discuss their work."

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Astronomers Discover The Largest Structure In The Universe

An international team of astronomers, led by academics from the University of Central Lancashire has found "the largest known structure in the universe."  To put its size into perspective, it would take 4 billion years for a vehicle travelling at the speed of light just to cross it.

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Astronomers conclude Earth has a second moon

A study conducted by Cornell University astronomers has concluded that Earth must have a second moon, calculated via counting the population of "irregular natural satellites that are temporarily captured by Earth."  This has also been backed up by a sighting of one of these 'orbiters' by the Catalina Sky Survey in Arizona.

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