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'CodeOrg.', Mark Zuckerberg, And Bill Gates Show Support For Coding Lessons In Schools

Non-profit 'CodeOrg' has released a video in which a huge amount of celebrities have voiced their support for growing education of computer programming in schools.  The likely stars such as Mark Zuckerberg and Bill Gates make an appearance, alongside those you wouldn't necessarily assume has coding skills, like NBA All-star Chris Bosh. The basic premise is placing emphasis on coding being a simple set of skills to pick up, leading to huge career opportunities.

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Infographic: Bill Gates is better than Batman

In what initially seems to be an odd comparison of two people, one of the richest and most philanthropic individuals to come out of the Silicon Valley boom is put through his Top Trumps-esque paces against the masked crusader of Gotham City.  Read further down and it does start to make sense: the challenge of how two incredibly rich men save lives in their respective fiction/non-fictional worlds.  Our favourite infographic of the moment, courtesy of Frugal Dad.

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How Windows killed the Courier tablet

Image courtesy of engadget.

CNET released a report about how Microsoft was presented with two competing tablet ideas, and their decision eventually became Windows 8, rather than the technologically infamous Courier.

For the uninitiated, the Courier was a dual-screen tablet, representing a notepad that captured the passionate inspiration of tech journalists across the globe in 2009.  As you can see in the video below, it presented something that was much more for the creative consumer, showing options of use that exceed the ideas of content creation that are already present nowadays.  So why was it killed off?  This is what Jay Greene's report for CNet answers.

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