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New Retinal Implant 'Alpha IMS' System Restores Sight For The Blind

Advances in the restoration of vision have been fascinating to see, pardon the pun.  Argus II relies on an external camera mounted to a pair of glasses, powered by an external processor.  However, the Alpha IMS system, Developed by researchers at the University of Tübingen, Germany, uses electrodes placed within the patient's retina, re-engineering the human eye into a prosthetic.


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Google's Self-Driving Car Takes Blind Man For A Spin

First announced just two years ago, Google's self-driving car project is one of those that not only makes perfect sense, it's a wonder more companies haven't been pushing for the 'Auto' button for quite some time. Aiming to make driving “safer, more enjoyable, and more efficient”, the self-driving car has now completed over 200,000 miles of 'computer-led driving'. But thousands upon thousands of miles isn't important to the search giant by itself, instead Google wanted to show us one of its most inspiring trips...

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