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Anti-Sex Trafficking Campaign Matches Tinder Users To Abused Victims

I never thought Tinder would be a place for a disruptive campaign, creating awareness around sex trafficking in Ireland. But that's exactly what has happened, as advertising agency EightyTwenty has worked on behalf of the Immigration Council of Ireland by creating several fake profiles of actresses portraying women forced into sex work.

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BBC Celebrates 90 Years Of Innovation By Asking 'Where Next?'

The BBC has become iconic in British culture and worldwide media.  To celebrate over 90 years of innovation, they have launched a new campaign telling the story of broadcasting, engineering and technological progress since 1922.

The 60-second launch film shows a timeline throughout the Beeb's broadcasting history, using archive footage of highlight significant milestones and moments in television.  Combine this with a mixture of animation techniques and an original musical composition formed from non-instrumental sounds, including finger-tapping, footsteps, heavy-breathing & singing, and you have something that sums up the corporation rather nicely.

"The BBC is innovating for everyone and we hope this powerful untold story will capture the imagination of audiences and make them wonder…'where next?'"  Philip Almond, Director of Marketing and Audiences said.

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Channel 4 Redefines The "Super Human" In Paralympic Campaign

As children we read about them in comic books, collected figurines and watched the latest Hollywood blockbusters with actors clambering to portray them. But in recent weeks it seems Channel 4 have royally re-designed our perception of a “Super Human,” giving the athletes of the Paralympic games their time in the limelight.


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T-Mobile Twitter Campaign Shows That #BritainLoves Hating The British

So T-Mobile have launched a Twitter promotional campaign, surrounding the hashtag #BritainLoves, to promote it's new 'Full Monty Plan' contract option.  However, very much like RIM's attempt at cracking the metaphorical nut that is Twitter marketing with #BeBold, and McDonalds' #McDstories, the situation may have gone everso slightly ary.

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Obama gets a Tumblr

Caving into the temptation of Nigel Thornberry Gifs and 4Chan jokes that are a year too late, Barack Obama now has a Tumblr page for his 2012 campaign.

"We’d like this Tumblr to be a huge collaborative storytelling effort—a place for people across the country to share what’s going on in our respective corners of it and how we’re getting involved in this campaign to keep making it better." Proclaims the first Tumblr post that (yes) directly addresses the blogging service brand as if it were a real person (a rather annoying trait if I do say so myself).

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