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New Rising Media Will Be At Gadget Show Live @ Christmas

Just seven months ago in our vast age of infancy, we were given a fantastic opportunity to attend and cover Gadget Show Live.  I am now pleased to announce that we will be popping along to London's own ExCel, entering the cornucopia of nerd behaviour, and covering Gadget Show Live @ Christmas.

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Tweet complaints about presents received show us Christmas spirit is dead

Christmas was a thoroughly cheerful, festive time for the majority of us.  The exception would be the people who didn't get what they want, going to Twitter to publicly exclaim their ungrateful disappointment: hating life, parents and all things Christmas.

We would say 'quit your bitching;' but they are downright hilarious, as comedian Jon Hendren’s Twitter account has been retweeting some of the best outcries.  The good majority of these have been complaints around not getting an iPhone or an iPad, others didn't want Kindle Fires, some even had the audacity to moan about not getting a car!

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The 2011 New Rising Media Christmas Gift Guide

We took a look around and noticed one particular constant: people already know what they want.  These gift guides are, essentially, pointless re-hashes of old reviews that website has already done to give an air of assistance in a technological impairment that is buying for someone for Christmas.  

Take a look at the consumer end also, these products are marketed to such an extent with the layer of 'newness' that the likes of a Galaxy nexus, Gears of War 3 or a Playstation 3 (£249 for console and 4 games, pretty good value).  So what we have are two voices recommending exactly the same product, which is all good and well, as it fuels this festive season of praying to the Capitalist Gods.  

But what about alternatives?  What about those ideas that the person you're gifting to didn't realise they needed up until the point they open your present?  Those small jewel-encrusted moments where you are genuinely surprised by a gift come few and far between, and we'd very much like to help with that.  With this in mind, here's our Gift Guide.

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Infographic of the day: How much money will consumers spend this Christmas?
You might have to run the numbers through Google currency; but we're in a Christmassy mood, so why not!  What are people most likely going to be buying this holiday?  What social networks will people research their presents by?  And how much money will people spend on presents?  All answered in our Infographic of the day, another one done courtesy of lab42.
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