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Watch The Original 'Star Wars' Teaser Trailer. "A Billion Years In The Making" From 1976

This teaser trailer for Star Wars from 1976 has surfaced on YouTube, showing you just how George Lucas had to sell the film to his audience before it became a cultural phenomenon. The results are weird, or as the trailer describes "a spectacle light-years ahead of its time."

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A Spooky Sensation: Carrie

Walking into my local charity shop the other day (on the hunt for some cheap Halloween attire) I came across a very bland and old fashioned salmon pink dress, very popular in modern day trends I think. The girl in front of me wanted to purchase it, but stated that she had no money on that particular day and would return for it tomorrow. Upon arrival the next day she discovered it lavished in ‘blood red’ paint, and saw the label now stated “CARRIE” in large letters. No doubt you could imagine the horrors the girl felt when she saw the tarnished dress, but in reality the horror came to me.

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