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The Pirate Bay Heads For The Clouds

For some years now, there’s been a repeating cycle to The Pirate Bay's operations. Get shut-down, move domain, perhaps change business practices, start up once again. Wash, rinse, repeat. And it largely worked, at least up until the high profile trial in 2006 which culminated in four defendants being found guilty of copyright violations, sentenced to a year in jail, and ordered to pay around $3 million in damages.

Since, it’s tried to put a barrier between itself and a shut-down by the authorities. The latest move is a bold one to say the least: ditch the servers and head for the clouds above.

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Google Close To Launching Cloud-Storage Service ‘Drive’

It’s rare these days to find Google, being the unstoppable company it now is, to be behind the curve when launching a new service to capitalise on a new technology. But that’s exactly the situation the dominant search-giant has found itself within cloud-based storage; a market so far snatched by the likes of provider DropBox, Box, Microsoft’s SkyDrive and Apple’s iCloud service. Looking to close the gap, Google appears to be on the very cusp of launching its own cloud-based storage service named, ever-appropriately, ‘Drive’.

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