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Twitter Aids In Saving A Carjacking Victim

A man was saved from a carjacking in Johannesburg by his mobile phone and a tweet.

On Saturday evening, as he was driving through Honeydew in north-west Johannesburg, two armed men forced him into the boot of his car at gunpoint.  At this point he sent a text to his girlfriend, who promptly took to Twitter to spread the word beyond contacting authorities, detailing the car and the time of hijack.

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How Is This Documentary On The Fighting Game Community Not Funded Yet?

The setup is simple, director Peter Livingston has taken to Kickstarter for money to film his, thus yet unnamed, documentary: following the history and culture that surrounds the Evolution (EVO) fighting game tournaments.  Thousands of people from around the world come to Vegas, and find out who the "best in the world" is.

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Skyrim Gets A Hint Of Portal With 'Fall of the Space Core' Mod

To celebrate the release of Bethesda's new Skyrim Creation Kit, Valve have created a small mod which drops the Space Core from Portal 2 into the fantasy world of Dragon slaying and the taking of arrows to one's knee.  It goes without saying, we love both Portal 2 and Skyrim; but at no point have we ever comprehended the Earth-shaking combination of the two.

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