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Unfortunately Named Natalie Westerman (@Natwest) Bombarded With Twitter Complaints

Have you been accused of turning a routine software update into a massive debacle leaving huge numbers of people without access to their money this week? Nope? Neither have I. The same, however, cannot be said for 22-year-old English teacher, Natalie Westerman who's Twitter username @natwest launched her into the limelight this week, when NatWest's online banking fiasco hit the headlines.

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Tweet complaints about presents received show us Christmas spirit is dead

Christmas was a thoroughly cheerful, festive time for the majority of us.  The exception would be the people who didn't get what they want, going to Twitter to publicly exclaim their ungrateful disappointment: hating life, parents and all things Christmas.

We would say 'quit your bitching;' but they are downright hilarious, as comedian Jon Hendren’s Twitter account has been retweeting some of the best outcries.  The good majority of these have been complaints around not getting an iPhone or an iPad, others didn't want Kindle Fires, some even had the audacity to moan about not getting a car!

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