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Concept Video Shows Future Applications Of Google Glass

Now that Google Glass is out in the public, what does the future hold for the device?  Will we as a society accept this device, and what apps would we use?  Toronto-based creative agency Playground Inc. has answered this question with a concept video that envisions what we may be using Glass for in the coming months.

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iPad 3 Concept Uses Retina Display And 3D Holograms

Ahead of the iPad announcement on March 7, Aatma Studios have released an iPad 3 concept features video, with retina display and the use of 3D holographics and table projections. 

The first extravagant conceptual design choice to immediately take note of is the use of an edge-to-edge display measured at 2560x1140 pixels (a.k.a 'retina').  With the complete surface being a screen, alluding to a larger display, the entire front panel works as the home button to the user.

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