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Save Data To Save Money On Mobile Contracts

Most consumers in the UK overspend on their mobile phone data. Saving how much data you use monthly is simple with a few tips and tricks. The most common data plan purchased in the UK is 16GB per month. The average amount of data used is only 4.1GB. This means UK consumers could easily slash their monthly phone bill.

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Save yourself from Facebook 'Frape' with this contractual agreement

Simple criminality encourages one to tamper with a friend's Facebook profile when left open.  This recent phenomenon can be counteracted, as Martyn Kelly has drawn up a contract forbidding such acts against each other.

The semi-legal contractual agreement extends to all of the following:

Monkeyshines, gambols, rollicks, gags, deceptions, actions known in the vernacular or plebian languageas 'frape,' 'fraping' or 'frapeage', and thus extended to all devices, physical, digital & supernatural, networks platforms.

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Editorial: How to stop the choking of mobile phone contracts

So we've all probably notice all the major phone carriers recede from unlimited data plans, opting instead to tell consumers to resort to their home wi-fi networks and use the 250mb (on average) of data they receive on their contract 'as a back-up.'

There is, however, an option to this: we take it all back to how contracts were.

Pay for what you use.  Charge by the minute, by the text, by the megabyte.  Sounds scary doesn't it.

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