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Valve Brings Steam To The Living Room With 'Big Picture'

A lot of talk gets slung around about what’s better, PC gaming or console. It's a debate that continues to rear its ugly head whenever gamers of different backgrounds/tastes are in the same vicinity (that is, once we leave our bedrooms), but it's also one that so often is settled when everyone can come to agree it's not necessarily what's 'better' per se, but one that boils down to what each feels most comfortable with. Valve's very latest addition to Steam, however, has the potential to blur the lines between the two. It's called 'Big Picture' and it's everything you love about Steam, in your living room.

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Microsoft Patents Yet Another Game-Changer: 'Wearable Controllers'

You'd better start believing Microsoft is planning something big in the years to come. Forget perfunctory add-on motion controls for a moment, because a patent filed by Microsoft has been uncovered alluding to technology that may just break new videogame ground in the Xbox 720.

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